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Periodic Reporting Questionnaire
2008-2015 - Section I and?II

Filling in the questionnaire requires the gathering of substantial amounts of information. Hence, the time necessary to fill in the questionnaire depends on the availability and accessibility of this information. It is recommended to start the exercise as soon as possible in order to get an overview of the information needed and to effectively organize the work.

Completing the Questionnaire

Sections I and II of the questionnaire have been pre-filled by the World Heritage Centre with information contained in the official documents. However, Site Manager and Focal Points are invited to complete and update this information.

Each Site Manager will be responsible for completing Section II of the Questionnaire for his/her respective site, while the Focal Point will be responsible for the completion of Section I and for validating Section II of the questionnaire after completion by the respective Site Manager(s).


Should you have any technical questions,
please?contact the World Heritage Centre

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